Doug Sneyd

Matt’s photo for the dust cover of the Art of Doug Sneyd, a collection of Playboy Cartoons published by Dark Horse Comics. Check out a few of Doug’s cheeky cartoons below, and make sure to pick up his book.

Hugh Hefner has always ruled Playboy with a sense of playful hedonism, but the aesthetics and ideals that the magazine once held dear have long since changed…

While a cliche to say, Playboy once was a publication to be read for the articles - even Roald Dahl was published in it’s hallowed pages. It was here, in a story entitled The Vistor, that Dahl created the eponymous character from My Uncle Oswald, a man known (to himself) as the greatest fornicator of all time. Fitting. Over the years Playboy has employed such notable authors as Jack Kerouac, Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, and Ian Fleming, as well as illustrious photographers like Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz-  Hef even hired the bawdy Russ Meyer on occasion. Whether it’s the death of creativity in the magazine or in that of glamour photography itself, the original ideals are at least maintained in it’s cartoons - specifically in the work of Canadian Doug Sneyd. Doug has been working for Playboy since 1964, and his girls possess the wide-eyed natural beauty that has been missing in the Bunnies for some time. It wasn’t necessarily their naivety that was alluring, but that it was underlined by a sense of savoir-faire, a characteristic lacking in the plasticine models of the present day. Thankfully we have Doug’s work to turn to, which has been curated nicely in his new book, the Art of Doug Sneyd - a body of work that should remind Mr. Hefner that Playboy once had a depth to its philandering.

-Dylan Childs

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