Skyler’s The Limit

A recent subscription to the jet-set lifestyle saw Matt stop off in the Miami heat, after leaving the equally sweltry surroundings of Cape Town, to pay a little visit to model Niki Skyler, for the purpose of a prurient photo session. The experience was a bit dine-and-dash, with Matt only in town for a spell, so I’ll express our sincerest apologies if Niki’s clothing should appear a tad ill-fitting, scant, or full of holes - I believe it worked out for the best.

Thanks to Judd Allison for use of his club house, which came complete with a ‘51 Chevy and various other man-treats - the remainder of which, alongside more nubile Niki, can be seen after the jump.

image image

image image image image image image image image imageMIAMI 013

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