Crows Nest Barbers

A murder of first-rate barbers…

Matt and I have both been trimmed and tapered by Jon Roth & the Crows over the last few years, so when it was decided that the natty nature of the gang needed to be preserved pictorially, who better to call upon than an enthusiast? Avid admirers of the Barnesian microcosm may recall this last round of shots, but with a bevy of new faces in the fold, an update was in order.

The Crows in question are a crew whose cuts are as easy on the eye as their mean mugs, a feat which makes for both an aesthetically-pleasing shop as well as a series of photographs. Blending an ol’ timey passion for simple, timeless cuts with modern and eclectic individual style, the Crows Nest barbers are a discerning lot, a fact which comes across clearly in Matt’s classic approach to their portraits. Razor past the jump for the series in its entirety, and book yourself in with one of these superb scissorsmiths!

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