Tila Tequila

Matt Barnes is an east-ender at heart, having lived in amongst the pre-gentrified scoundrels of the Riverside area during his definitive big city days. He is now, however shamed as I am to admit, a certified sell-out; loft-live/love/laughing in the well-to-do west-end, but I’ll try not to hold that against him. It was his rascal roots that led him to a familiar stomping ground for today’s series; the Queen & Broadview haunt that is Jilly’s palace of peelers, a spot as infamous as the subject he was commissioned to photograph in her unhallowed halls - television personality & glamour model, Tila Tequila. Tila requires little in terms of biography from me, as most of her story has been played out in the enthralling theatre that is reality tv - a story nowhere near as black and white as these photographs of her…

The bawdy backdrop of an exotic east-end institution is a fitting milieu for the lustful Tila Tequila - pervert’s row is past the jump, for both the deviant and the curious minded.

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