Beater Bikes


The safeword was Beater; perhaps that was the wrong choice…

A bevy of bondage gear on four living tributes to de Sade & von Sacher-Masoch, tarted up and touring round Toronto in a ‘72 Chevy Van? This was to be no ordinary advertising shoot. Collaborating on an idea straight out of the debauched mind of Associate Creative Director Dave Tupper, Matt and a crew of tainted talent walked the night - a perverted parade in the name of Beater Bikes and their Bikes Built for Punishment tagline. Who would have thought that one could fetishize the buttoned up world of urban biking this easily?

Thanks to the thick-skinned talent of Tiff, Ashley & Shyla, who were abetted along the way by an anonymous leather-clad South African slave-boy. Credit also to Sandra Yang of Judy Inc. for Hair & Makeup, and James Waring for his assistance on the behind the scenes video. 

Ride or be ridden, masochist and sadist alike, over the jump for the remainder of the series. 




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