Matt first came across Toronto floral designer Sweetpea’s when he typed coolest flower shop in Toronto into Google - a title which has turned out to be the gospel truth. He was instantly won over when, on his first visit to the shop, he was greeted by a cat, a great dane and beautiful girl stood underneath a vintage neon florist sign - simple pleasures, right? 

Matt’s love for the shop is well documented (collabs on Uno & Zombie Boy for the uninitiated), but a recent email from owner Sara proved that the affection wasn’t one-sided. In a nice change of pace, Sweetpea’s wanted to hire Matt, rather than he hire them, and armed with a bit of guiding reference, he was given free reign to make the image his own. Taking influence from both the shop’s aesthetic and his own tattoo fixation, Matt got tattoo artist/muse Tara Zep involved (coincidentally both Sara & Matt share a common artist in David Glantz, who recently designed Matt’s logo) and turned to his wife Shelley for a bit of bohemian styling, straight out of her own closet. Completing the glamour gang was jewellery designer Roslyn Griffith, who became aquatinted with Matt through a recent commercial gig, and was to provide the natty necklace that features alongside the Sweetpea designed bouquet and headpiece.

The icing on the cake was the the warm sun that fell as Matt shot, which capped Matt’s latest, but certainly not last, bit of work with the coolest flower shop in town.

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