La Carnita presents UNO: The Art Show

Over 2500 people packed and pushed their way into the Brickworks on Friday for UNO, an art show curated by a longtime friend of Matt, the inimitable Clay Rochemont. Matt was privileged to show alongside the likes of Mike Giant & Bryan Espiritu and thanks to food from (nearly permanent) pop-up restaurant La Carnita, as well as plenty of booze, a bacchanalian time was had by all- especially those who had braved the hourlong line outside!

The first image of Matt’s for UNO, shown above, features the floral talents of Sweetpea’s, which can be found on Roncesvalles in Toronto. The second, directly below, was shot at eerie Rattlesnake Point, and is of Owen, the nephew of famed & favourite prop stylist Donna Irvine. A little behind the scenes look into the makings of both shots can be found after the jump, as well as a few photos from Friday’s fête.

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