Passing Year: Hello Jager 2012

From Bomb Girls to Banks, from Wooster to Webster, 2011 was a damn fine year. Looking to the future (eerily, from the past) are some out-takes from Matt’s calendar collaboration with the revered architects of celebration, Jägermeister. Nothing epitomizes a year better than a project that took the entire annum to complete! This was Matt’s second Jägermeister calendar on the trot, with thanks to Rooftop AgencyJäger Canada, as well as videographer Brent Kore & Brink Studio - who had the burdensome task of following Matt & Co. around the pinnacle of Canada’s party scene. These photos may be the best way to remember one’s escapades, before the sauce-induced atrophy kicks in. Onward and upward, 2012!

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    Little inside look behind the scenes of our 2012 Jagermeister calendar; shot from coast to coast with the hottest girls...
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    It’s a rough job… but someone has to do it!!
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