Rudy Gay & Amir Johnson


It was with a heavy heart that Matt accepted the news of favoured Toronto Raptor forward Rudy Gay’s trade to the Sacramento Kings - especially when he noted his twenty-six team leading points on his debut, in a win over the Houston Rockets. He can be satisfied in the fact that Amir Johnson, one of the NBA’s heppest cats and a man who Matt photographed in a creative set up by One Method, is still in Toronto - here’s to more career high-scoring games like his against the LA Lakers last week; particularly in Rudy Gay’s absence!

More of the ex and current Raptor after the dunk jump…


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Poised for Matt under the bright lights of BMO field, in his first official portraits as a Toronto FC man, stands Gilberto, a promising twenty-four year old striker with some pedigree - he managed 14 goals in the Brasileirão last season, his home nation of Brazil’s top flight, while playing for Portuguesa on loan from parent club Internacional. Having landed in Toronto three days ago, Gilberto was eyed court side at a Raptors’ game, furthering the speculation which lead to his eventual (estimated) three million dollar signing. The Piranhas native fills the second of three designated player slots for TFC, the maximum by league rule, with the club said to be actively and openly pursuing a third before the new season kicks off in March. Amidst the alleged courting of Jermain Defoe in that third and final slot, who, for you non-enthusiasts, is an England international at Tottenham in the Premier League, this could be the start of a very encouraging season for the Reds and their steadfast supporters.

A Maternal Nature

As was mentioned on yesterday’s Passing Shot, a new addition to the Barnes lineage is due in the upcoming weeks - and, by mere happenstance, an extension to the household of Matt’s trainer Ben & his other half Dani is also imminent. Inspired by the wonder he’s encountered while supporting wife Shelley through this process, Matt’s maternity portraits sought to evoke both it’s connection to the earth (signified by the natural surroundings), and the inherent power that a pregnant woman holds, and are, as well as uniquely Canadian, reflective of each woman’s respective badass personality.

Jordan Moffitt

2013 has been a year of change for Matt: from the news of nearly-here addition to the Barnes family to his harrowing hike toward personal fitness - shedding nearly ninety pounds of roly-poly padding on the way - the advancements have been rang in with ear-shattering aplomb. The latter (though tomorrow’s post will touch on the former) makes photographing elite powerlifter Jordan Moffitt that much sweeter. Connecting through barber Jimmy from the oft mentioned Crows Nest Barbershop, who also happens to train under Moffitt, Matt was pleased to snap a portrait of a man whose interests are very much near and dear to his own - though he certainly won’t be challenging him to any feats of strength bouts any time soon… 

RV Ixen


Christening the recently acquired ‘81 Ford Holiday RV was the task of qualified coquette Kristie Taylor, a motorhomewreckin’ honey who also happens to be a favoured fox of Matt’s, having previously colluded (to stunning effect), in baptizing the Black Widow - his ‘71 Chevy van. The Playboy published pin-up never fails to titillate but is especially seductive when posed against a faux-wood interior, an accoutrement which loses, not surprisingly, all kitsch appeal when it backgrounds the beauty. Thanks to MUA Sandra Yang for her aesthetic additions - all of which can be seen on Kristie, in all her caravan, come-hither glory, post-jump.

KT 002KT 003 KT 004 KT 005

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Two Man Advantage


Paying homage to Canadiana was a wonderfully welcome gig for adopted Canuck Matt, in a piece for Shots Magazine, a UK publication who dedicated a feature to the people behind Canada’s particular brand of creative madness. Shots made a wise choice in showcasing ersatz-enforcers Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker, two partners from the multifaceted john st. agency - a group that Matt has had several clever commercial collaborations in the very recent past. Alisa Pellizzari, a producer at john st., stepped into the role of de facto wardrobe stylist, with her vintage hockey outfits proving to be - I’m tempted to say a crosscheck and expose myself as an ignorant non-hockey adherent, but I’ll play it safe and say that her selections were a hit…

Thanks to Aviva Rosnick, who was responsible for the roughing that transformed these two from gentlemen to goon.


The real nature of the Skinhead movement, though skewed and bastardized over time, wasn’t racial hatred but unity, a fact expressed best in the connection to Jamaican music, originally, and later to 2-Tone - a sort of Ska, Rocksteady and Punk fusion. These tunes, both the original ska and the second wave revival, were constants in the musical upbringing of both Matt & myself, influencing a manner of things but especially a Mod sense of style, though neither one of us ever went full skin - unnecessary when you’ve a cat as cool as Zion around, who looks better as a skin than either of us ever could! Enjoy his smug mug while you listen to a playlist of songs for skins - from Ska & Rocksteady to 2-Tone and Reggae.

Moonstompin’ For Matt Barnes by Adigitalneedle on Mixcloud

Flown the Nest


We bid adieu to the basement habitation where our favourite barbershop, Crows Nest, first called home; but this isn’t goodbye…Jon Roth & flock have simply swapped the address of Number 35 for that of Number 2 on Kensington Avenue, where they will continue to give the best head finest haircuts in town. To commemorate the time spent at #35 Kensington Ave, the tonsorial technicians commissioned one final photograph of the original digs to present to Jon, as one era ends and another begins. Stop by the new spot for the straight razor shaves, fades and classic cuts that have established Crows Nest as boss barbershop in Toronto.

Steven Stamkos


A swift Sunday modest Monday post from all of us at the Passing Shot, wishing Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos, whom Matt photographed at the Trump Hotel for Sharp Magazine, a lightning quick recovery from his ill-fated leg break.

Young Buk

The paraphrased words of Charles Bukowski’s Ham On Rye, as seen through the eyes of his alter ego (in the case the young), Henry Chinaski. Played by Yannick Lalonde-Woods.

"The doctors have decided on a new approach. We’re going to bandage your face to effect drainage."

My whole head was bandaged. I was all white. Nothing could be seen but my eyes, my mouth and my ears, and some tufts of hair sticking up at the top of my head. I was hidden. It was wonderful. I stood and lit a cigarette and glanced about the lobby. I felt very exceptional and a bit evil. Nobody had any idea of what had happened to me. Car crash. A fight to the death. A murder. Fire. Nobody knew.

On the ride home I sat in the back smoking cigarettes out of my bandaged head. People stared but I didn’t care. There was more fear than horror in their eyes now. I hoped I could stay this way forever. I rode to the end of the line and got off. The afternoon was going into evening and I stood on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Westview Avenue watching the people. Those few who had jobs were coming home from work. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t go to school. I didn’t do anything. I was bandaged. I was standing on the corner smoking a cigarette. I was a tough man. I was a dangerous man.

A woman walked down the street toward me. She had fine legs. First I stared right into her eyes and then I looked down at her legs, and as she passed I watched her ass. I drank her ass in. I memorized her ass and the seams of her silk stockings. I never could have done that without my bandages.